Rambabu Gutru joined as Research Fellow in Aveiro

Rambabu Gutru has joined in CICECO since January 2018. He graduated in Chemistry from Andhra Loyola College, India, after which he pursued Master Degree in “Chemistry”, from National Institute of Technology-Trichy, India.

He submitted his Ph.D thesis in June 2017 and the title of his thesis is “Studies new blend and composite membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells” in which he has explored varies carbon nano structures such as Fullerene, CNTs and Graphene as additive materials in polymers. He has expertise in physico-chemical characterization of composite membranes, fabrication of membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells and fuel cell testing.

He has 10 SCI publications and 1 book chapter to his credit. His research interests are centred in composite electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions (ORR and OER) and polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells.

Rambabu Gutru Ciceco