Welcome to UniRCell

Hydrogen, obtained by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity, stored and converted again into electricity in a fuel cell, is the vector for a truly sustainable energy paradigm. The core technology of this paradigm is the Unitised Regenerative Fuel Cell (URFC), where both the electrolysis and the generation of electricity are carried out in reversible way.

This demonstration is supported by project UniRCell - Unitised Regenerative Fuel Cell for Efficient Renewable Energy Supply: from Materials to Device, which aims at developing a future generation of environmentally sustainable and low cost materials for the production of renewable electricity using hydrogen as energy vector in URFCs.

UniRCell is a joint activity program (PAC) of the University of Aveiro / CICECO, University of Porto Faculty of Engineering / LSRE-LCM / CEFT, REQUIMTE / LAQV and University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro / CQ-VR.